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Cancellation Policy:

Single class/workshop: No refund if your child misses the class due to other commitments or illness.

If we have to cancel the class, you will get 100% refund for the class.

We will be unable to move your child to another class/workshop.

Term time classes: Full refund* 1 week before term starts. 50% refund* up to 24 hours before term starts. After the term has started we are unable to refund.

Camps: Full refund* 2 weeks before camp starts. 50% refund up to 24 hours before camp starts. After this we are unable to refund.

Crafty mornings: Unfortunately we will not be able to refund any classes if you can't make it. If you let us know in advance, we might be able to move you to an upcoming class.

++ *A 10% fee will be deducted from all refunds (Booking fee) ++

Missed zoom classes will not be refunded.


If we have to cancel the class due to a member of staff being ill or if government guidelines change, we will move all classes online or refund classes which we can't offer in person. We will not be able to refund classes if they are missed due to your child having to self isolate/being ill. In this case we will invite your child to join our weekly zoom art class for free.


For online classes: All children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Children must participate with their camera on and facing the screen so we can clearly see everyone. The recording of any of our classes is not permitted to anyone and we will search legal advice if we see this happening. All art classes are © Paperbirds London.

Missed zoom classes will not be refunded or replaced. We do not record our classes. If you know your child will miss the class, please contact us before and we will try and move your child to another class.
We can not guarantee a replacement though and will not refund already booked zoom classes.
Missed classes can't be used as credit for another class.


General Safety

I understand that the classes, programs and facilities offered by Paperbirds involve group participation in arts activities, involving the use of scissors, paint and glue. I acknowledge that there are inherent risks of injury to participants in such activities. I represent to Paperbirds that I have determined that my child is physically and mentally able to participate safely in arts activities and that there are no contraindications for my child’s participation in the specific programs.

I agree that Paperbirds shall not be liable for, and I release and covenant for my child not to bring any lawsuit in any form, for any injury, loss or damage occurring in whole or in part as a result of participation in Paperbirds programs or entering or using the facilities unless such injury, loss or damage is the result of such person’s/entities’ intentional misconduct or reckless disregard of known safety rules and regulations while my child is under their instruction, supervision or control or otherwise on the premises.

I also confirm that my child:

  • Will follow the rules of the venue which prohibit, amongst others, running and climbing inside the premises

  • Shows good behaviour towards other children

  • Neither brings nor eats nuts during the time of the class / camp

  • Is able to use the bathroom independently

  • Knows how to use scissors, glue and paint

  • Is aware of all Covid 19 safety measurements (more below)

I consent that Paperbirds will take pictures of my child’s artwork (without showing your child’s face) which will be posted on Paperbirds‘ Instagram account.

I understand that safeguarding and control of any property I bring to Paperbirds is my responsibility and acknowledge and agree that Paperbirds shall have no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to any such property, including equipment, clothing or other personal items.

Consent For Emergency Medical Care

In the event of an injury for which immediate medical evaluation or care appears to be necessary, I hereby consent to Paperbirds’ arrangement for emergency transport, evaluation and medical care of my child as my agent and at my expense until such time as I or another person I have designated below is available to assume responsibility for such arrangement. I release Paperbirds from responsibility for such care.

I hereby confirm:

To not bring my child/ren to art class / camp if they (or anyone in their household) have a temperature on the day of the class or did show any other Covid symptoms, or has been in contact with anyone showing Covid 19 symptoms

My child is familiar with the 2 meter distancing and handwashing guidelines, and is not allergic to hand sanitiser (containing alcohol)

Paperbirds cannot be made responsible for any illness (incl Covid 19) occuring during/after your child has been participating at one of our our art classes or camps

If your child starts showing any symptoms or feeling unwell during the class / camp, an adult has to come and pick him/her up immediately

Your child and family/household have not been to any country currently classified as high risk by the Uk government in the past 14 days

If any of the children will be tested positive for Covid 19, Paperbirds will have to cancel all classes / camps and ask everyone to adhere to the government guidelines

All images and videos posted on our social media pages or on this website are our own. © Paperbirds London
They can only be used with our written permission and only to advertise our Paperbirds Art classes, camps, events and parties.


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