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Paperbirds now offers online art classes via zoom and we also invite you to join our Facebook group which has many arts and crafts tutorials and pictures of the children's artwork made at our classes.


Our fun zoom classes are great for everyone who likes to get creative from home. Very basic materials needed, the projects can be easily followed by children of all ages. Under 5s might need some help.

Zoom class for older children (8+) also available

For private zoom group classes or birthday parties please click here.


Basic materials needed for zoom classes:
Watercolour palette
Paint brushes

Oil pastels
A3 and A4 card or watercolour paper


Glue stick

Pencil, rubber

+++ nice to have +++

Ready mixed or acrylic paint
Sharpies (big artists only)
Paint roller (or big paint brushes)
Tape (normal masking/painters tape)


What people say about our online classes:

Thank you again for a lovely class yesterday. It really helps my son deal with his anxiety and he loves art so much.

We will be doing our 4th Paperbirds session on Zoom today and I am so glad I signed up. We all need some some of routine and knowing the girls have a class at 4pm every day really helps. It's also a moment of relative calm in the house which is most welcome.

Harry's concentration was about 20mins on the first day and today he concentrated so hard till the very end. We are in quite a busy house so easy to be distracted. He’s trying everything himself now whereas at the start of the week he asked for my help with everything. I am so grateful to you. I don’t think you can understand what an impact you’re having and how much you are helping me to cope with lockdown too!

Apart from being a wonderful activity, this is so good for their self confidence. Thank you...

Just wanted to thank you for the lovely session. My kids enjoyed it very much! Shame we can’t join anymore sessions this week but thank you for having these great ideas. Also wanted to share with you that we joined from Madrid as we live here now. We used to live in London for 10 years and last year tried to enrol my kids to your sessions but you were always fully booked! Now I know why!

A belated thanks on behalf of Arianna for the fantastic classes she attended over the Easter holidays. She loved the sessions and I am amazed at the works of art she completed (see attached)!

The girls loved today - thank you! They made me promise to email you!
It was really lovely seeing how they engaged with the class, listened to you and loved seeing their friends. Their (just turned 4) little sister was fascinated! Looking forward to next week...

Absolutely wonderful art class that my five year-old has loved. Promotes and stretches independence, interest and ability. Beautiful pieces have been brought home too. Highly recommended!!


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