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Advent Calendar

It's back! Our Art Advent Calendar 2023 is now ready to order.


This year, we will be painting 12 pictures - one for every month of the next year. Our tutorial videos will be uploaded from 1st of December every other day on our membership page .
(Access will be free if you purchased the box - one email address per box)

Children of all abilities can take part as we will always give an easier or more challenging option in the videos. (Recommended minimum age: 5)

Your art box will be delivered to your house and contains:
12 pre printed calendar sheets and one cover page, watercolours, paint brush, pen, sticker, ribbon and much more - our videos will show you when and how to use it all. Such a special time spent together as a family in the wait for Christmas.


And at the end you will have a beautiful handmade calendar for 2024 - to keep or give away to a loved one.

12 masterpieces

12 instruction videos
(one every other day - those will be slightly longer than in the previous years as the pictures will be bigger)

Watch our calendar video here

Paperbirds Art Advent Calendar 2023

The invite to the members group page with the videos will be sent to your paypal email address. If you would like to use a different email address for the member access, please do let us know. (One email address per box will be able to access the videos).

Please send an email to if you would like us to change it.


++ We are now offering you to buy access to the 12 video tutorials - if you have paper/card and watercolours at home, this is a beautiful activity for your child/ren ++
Instructions: After purchasing you will be invited to join our members page where we will upload the videos from first of December (one every other day). All videos will be available to watch in your own time until the end of this year.


What customers say:

"We absolutely love your calendar and the little videos and can't wait to finish our winter wonderland"

"Those little cards are so intriguing - we love guessing what we'll paint next"

"We love it so much and it's now our favorite Christmas tradition"

"Our entire family is now taking part. We have the best time painting together"

"We will get last years calendar out again and can't wait to see what we are going to create this year"

"What a wonderful time we have as a family. Thank you for this."

If you have purchased the Art Advent Calendar, you will get the login link to the daily videos on November 29.

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